You can rest assure …….. if women get together in Mozambique something is about to happen. As you know we are currently experiencing extreme hunger in our area. One of the solutions was to give some seed to the women in our area to combat the extreme hunger due to bad crops the last two years.

Great was our amazement when we followed up on how the seed was doing. The ladies of the Macadeira area (about 25 km from us) planted their seed and their harvest was amazing. They wisely planted their butternut between their maize (also seed we gave) and the harvest was so great that even companies specializing in vegetables had to come and have a look. In fact the amount of butternut (type of pumpkin) was astonishing. In other areas where we also handed out seed exactly the same thing happened. Needless to say many people and families lived on butternut during the hungry time.

Thank you to Pietersburg for sponsoring the seed – it helped many families in very desperate times.