Ever wondered who gives tropical storms and cyclones there names? It must be someone with a stormy marriage …… they seem to choose interesting lady names. And oddly enough it is these lady storms that really causes havoc. No I am not a marriage councillor but there must be a message in there somewhere! Anyway this tropical storm as I understand is heading our way with winds of about 130 km’s.

Maputo – Tropical storm Izilda had been upgraded to category two after its wind speed increased from 74 to 130km/h, Mozambican national weather services said on Thursday.

The tropical storm was currently in the Mozambican channel, between Madagascar and Mozambique. The weather services said it had placed areas on the Mozambican coast on alert. “We appeal to all maritime authorities to undertake their activities with caution.”According to US space agency Nasa’s website, Izilda could move westward to mainland Africa or south into the open waters of the Indian Ocean. – Sapa