Nat Zook, a co-worker with us for nearly 3 years, met his wife in Mozambique on the base a year and a half ago. Must have been the fresh air or as one of our mission workers so wisely said: “There are so many girls in New York city ….. but Africa has a way of bringing people together. It’s the African wind and rain that brings two people together.”

Nat and Selena met on our base in Mozambique as Selena was doing a 6 months voluntary service. Selena is from Canada and helped us with several tasks including our literacy program. After both left Mozambique they got married in Canada and are currently staying in Pennsylvania. Nat and Selena visited Mozambique – exactly a year after they got married. The community insisted that they got re-married in Africa – they met here on African soil after all.

Well ….. the ceremony took place as we had a week of training the local community on the interesting facts of marriage. Many or our married Mozambicans shared on how they met their partners and what marriage meant to them.