I would probably say this another thousand times ……….. there is nothing like seeing a child smile in Mozambique and off course the truth is …… it is the same everywhere in the world. But if they are an orphan living in extreme poverty with only one meal a day it makes it so much more special.

Many days I sit on our veranda after a days work. I listen to Africa and her sounds. Our African neighbours is just across the river where we stay so we hear local life pretty much everyday. Except for the chickens (must be the most annoying chickens ever – did try to shoot them once without success), the cows (attitude problem) the most wonderful sounds are when the kids play or sing on their own. Full of joy despite the extreme poverty. It is as if they can lock out all the pain, hunger and misery ….. and just sing and laugh. I love that.

Photo 1: Rick’s mission miracle vehicle packed untill it can take no more gifts.

Anyway …. we were privileged as people donated money so gifts and food could be distributed yet again to a town nearby. Honde (a small town about 50 km away) has more than 30 orphans and our team surprised them with a special visit. Rick, Heather, Nat and Selena did a special Sunday visit to surprise the kids.

Photo 2: Kids getting ready to recieve their first gift ever!

Photo 3: Everyone had the change of recieving their own huge bag.

Photo 4: The gift bag was so big they needed help to carry them back home!

Photo 5: “Now where is that pair of socks?” One of the orphans digging in this huge gift bag.
Special thanks to Heather Neufeld for her great pictures and having the camera ready!