I have been very quiet the last few days due to many travels across many borders. Through Zim to the RSA and back to Mozambique with some interesting stories on the way. Anyway we were privileged to meet people who left a great legacy in Mozambique.

Ever so often one is lucky to meet angels – ok without wings and woolly hear locks and all the other things you would associate with them.

We met Alan and Barbara about 9 years ago in Zimbabwe. Yes believe it …. good things can still come from Zimbabwe. They were on holiday in the Vumba Mountains all the way from the UK. I will spare you all the details but that day on the Vumba Mountains started a great friendship with two wonderful adventurous human beings.

After visiting Mozambique Barbara Rainford decided to get involved in Mozambique. She started a school which now house about 280 children. She said: “I wanted to do something that would leave a legacy and would be able to keep on giving even if I am not there anymore.” Alan and Barbara (I would not dare mention there age) have both travelled the world extensively and we have been honoured by their generosity.

They helped us to build our humble cottage in Mozambique which is now called the Rainford cottage and which you will find on Buckingham Avenue.

We met them as they were leaving for England. They sold all they had in South Africa after being robbed and left, hopefully not for good. The African continent is surely a better place after having them here.