It’s not a very common site to find a busy company who would want to get involved in training local communities – especially if they are not getting anything out of it. We were privileged yesterday to have had 20 of our co-workers on the base picked up by Vanduzi Company, who specializes in the export of veggies to European markets.

Vanduzi Company shared some of their compos secrets to the 20 willing ears. The reasoning behind the training was to:1. make sure that communities can produce their own compos for their agri produce;
2. not to destroy their fields by burning all the grass and trees in the area but rather use the green materials to their benefit;
3. create an opportunity to earn a monetary value for themselves by selling compos and to help communities to provide a better yield on their own agri produce.

Many thanks to Koos van der Merwe (not joking!) who played a huge role in helping communities in our area.