Things are happening really fast in Mozambique …………. taking into consideration that this is Africa (TIA)! We do things slower because we have to talk about them around a campfire and only after eating together, visiting, laughing, telling some jokes ….. only then …… we come up with a plan.
Sure ….. this will not work in western and first world societies. The clock is ticking, time is money and a commodity which is very scarce in the west. Strangely enough ….. it seems not even a big digital clock can intimidate an African. They would look at a clock ….. and then turn their eyes to the sun …. sigh …… and continue visiting. I like!

Anyway lets not go into all of the great African customs right now. Two great miracles happened the last few days.

  • We just received our first shipment of 30 bicycles from Wheels for God. These bicycles will travel another 700 km north where 30 pastors will receive them to do their church work. The area in Mutarara and alongside the Zambezi river is a very remote and lonely place and many of these areas can only be reached by a bicycle. We intend to reach out to these many forgotten people at the end of May 2009. Watch this space.
  • One of the biggest miracles was when I connected with Rian van der Merwe (EBay, San Francisco) and he connected me with Anna Sidana from India. Anna runs a project called “Million Lights”. The idea would be to “light” up our schools so our students would have the opportunity to study during the night. Mostly all of our schools have no electricity (and will not have any for the next 10 years). Our schools are overcrowded and night classes are essential. We just received our first shipment which arrived safely in Johannesburg (yes – this is a miracle). Watch this space as we introduce this exiting project in Mozambique.

Photos taken from Million Lights website – Anna Sidana

Please pray as there are so many things happening at once. Dwight and Lynn (our partners in blessings) is currently in Brazil, US and Canada but we have an exiting couple helping us on the base to make ends meet.