I have been thinking lately (ok just lately) about life’s ultimate question. If there was one ultimate question in life ….. what would it be? Because of my background obviously many would reply that the most important question a person can ask is: “Does God really exist?” And you would have missed completely. About 80 % of the people I know would affirm that there is a God somewhere. So what? That doesn’t mean much.

Quite frankly, modern man doesn’t care whether God exist or not. That’s not his chief concern. I think (even where I work in the middle of the bush in Africa) the basic question of man today, is the question of the meaning of human existence. The ultimate question then is not whether God exist. We already know the answer to that one. We are born with it. The ultimate question is: “Why do I exist?” As Transformational Engineer I am hammered daily with this question.

Reading an article the other day by Louis H. Valbracht, I had to laugh. He was talking about what would be on your tombstone the day you die. He jokingly added a few tombstone headings:

Nash’s Ashes” – that took care of him.
A man named Thorp: “Thorpe’s Corpse.”
And then …. my favourite ….. a lady called Mary who grew up and died all in the same little town. Her tombstone read:

Here lies the bones of Mary Jones, Her death had no terrors, Born a virgin, lived a virgin, died a virgin, No runs, no hits, no errors.

And you know what ….. life can be like that. As the poet put it: “It can end in a whimper, instead of a bang.”

This posting is to all those people who puts themselves second or last to serve like Jesus did. To show love …. to show HIS Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. People who are not waiting or living in a Gospel of Evacuation …… but living NOW ….. showing the love of Christ NOW to all those who need it.

One way of BEING and DOING is feeding extremely hungry people on our area. The photo below shows one of the families receiving maize flour which would take them through a month (one meal a day).

We also provided food in the far northern parts of Mozambique in Senna and Mutarara. Our Church leaders from the area came from far to receive their 3 bags of maize flour to survive through the hungry times.

Our mission truck on treacherous roads loaded with maize for our hungry leaders in Northern Mozambique.
Many of our church leaders had to cross the mighty Zambezi river infested with crocodile and hippos to collect their food.
And ….. then the smiling faces as they heard the news of food arriving.
The only transport available to carry the precious cargo: A “Hunter” bicycle.

Thanks to all who made this possible. Rick and Heather accompanied our truck to the north to make sure the precious cargo arrives safely. Thank to Heather for taking some of the pics on the way. Thanks to all the Canadian sponsors for helping in these trying times and to Bellville for caring! You are all wonderful agents of hope!