I have always admired optimists. I don’t know what it is, but they seem to be so positive ….. even if they are standing on a landmine. My natural tendency is to be a realist. I would go so far to even dare say …… a positive realist. Wherever I go I end up with either a trial balance or a balance sheet summary …… so it is quite obvious that I would be a realist I guess. I heard someone whisper to me the other day though that if you don’t believe in dreams you are not a realist!

Well ….. yes we are in the business of dreaming in Mozambique. One of our dreams was to make sure that every kid in our bush schools would have the opportunity to sit in his/her own desk. It was a wild dream …… I mean we are in the middle of nowhere. And after some interesting miracles it happened. A junior primary school in Canada – Thorsby (or as they say in Mozambique “Torsbie”). They donated an additional 24 desks with money the kids got together with some awesome projects.

Anyway …. when our kids heard their desks were coming they prepared a great feast at the school. Everyone got into carrying and helping putting the desks in their classrooms. A great day full of fun.

Here is a few photos to share the day ……
Everyone wanted to get on the truck first. “That is my desk”, I heard someone screaming.

This guy decided to park in his desk first. That smile said everything.

Come on guys …… some mathematics needed to fit that desk through that narrow opening. And then I counted 10 trying to push it from both sides.

And everyone had a desk ……. we could squeeze in about 4 students per desk but at the end of the day no one was without his own desk.