“Home is where the heart is” …. or so they say. I love Mozambique and I dearly love all of Mozambique’s inhabitants. The good and the …… well those who are still on their way seeking meaning to life. But today I missed my home town and all the people I know so I decided to throw in a few photos to make me feel all Capetonian again!

We had an awesome day today. Just watch the blog postings to follow for the next few days. We delivered school desks to kids who never had the privilege to sit in any desk …. never mind a school desk. We helped others who are not as fortunate as we are …. those with leprosy ….., the sick and those looking for meaning in life.

With all of that said …. it was a full day but my mind kept wandering back to my birthplace …. Cape Town. I missed the mountains, the rivers ….. and yes ….. the sea. I missed the smells and sounds of the place where I grew up. Why? I don’t now ……! Anyway so I decided to post a few pictures of Cape Town ….. and hey …. if you have not been in Cape Town it’s time to save up and visit South Africa, Cape Town. And who knows if I am in the vicinity I will even give you a free tour.

Blessings to all who constantly pray for us and the work in the great country (my home), Mozambique!