Photo 1: Meet the class of 2009 – all prescholars! Ain’t they adorable?

KIDS!!! Just one look at them ….. and you know creation is a beautiful reality. We just opened another bush school – our existing one is currently bursting at 280 screaming juniors. The difference with out new school is that it caters for prescholars in an area where there is very little change of good education. Wish you were here.

Photo 2: Got the book, got the attitude ….. and ready to sing! The amazing look must be because I am on the other side of the camera. I must look very ugly judging by her amazing look.

Their first Bible story was something not to be missed. With big eyes they followed Adam and Eve and off course ……. the snake ……… the temptation …….. the apple …………. and then sang a song, danced and started colouring in as if nothing happened. For all of them this is their first introduction to a school and a teacher. Some came with tears, others with fears but at the end of the day they all smiled.


Our other bush school are serving about 280 kids daily with a good meal. That adds up to nearly 40 000 plates of food per year. Here is Fernando (he has been with us for more than 10 years) getting the maize meal (pap) or satza as we call it here. The menu for the day was porridge, beans and “capentas” – type of a small transparent fish that provides good protein.

Photo below: Hungry kids roasting their raw maize on the cob.