This posting is long overdue ….. apologies. With so much travelling and running I finally got to it. Enjoy!! Thanks to the generous gifts of so many we were able to light up the lives of many orphans.
We currently have 800 orphans scattered around the country. Although we could’nt take all of them for a special treat they too recieved their gifts far away. Throughout the year the orphans are being cared for and recieve a monthly food pack, blankets, medical treatment. We also take care of all their educational needs.
And yes because photos say so much more ….. I will let the pics tell the story of one of the biggest parties ever for our kids:

Photo 1: To get everyone together was not as easy as it looks. Front row (left) is Jorge Antonio who is our Regional Orphan Co-ordinator.

Photo 2: We started the day with a traditional Portugeuse dish. And my goodness – was that “maningi nice” as we say here. We took the 30 orphans with the widows who looked after them to a restaurant about 60 km away.
Photo 3: “How do they expect me to finish this plate by myself?”

Photo 4: “I can still wash it all away with a rasberry Spar Letta!”
Photo 5: After lunchtime it was time for Bible stories. Here one of our university students, Joao Benjamin is teaching a story about Noah!
Photo 6: Because children don’t own their own childrens Bible they get to see the pictures at least. Joao showing pictures to the kids.
Photo 7: Time for games!
Photo 8: If you are too tired for games ….. well just sit and pose for the camera I guesse.
Photo 9: Time for Christmas gifts. This was absolutely the highlight of an action packed day!
Photo 10: Many of these kids recieved their first wrapped gift ever.
Photo 11: Needless to say …. the widows who helps us to look after our orphans were extatic with the gifts.
Photo 12: Opening up the gifts brought many smiles to the orphans.
A special word of thanks to all who helped to make this possible. Thank you to David Phillips and the whole family from Godalming, England. You changed lives in the process.