I just travelled through Zimbabwe. It was, as ussual, a heartbreaking experience. Not just were we stopped more than 15 times at military road blocks (heavily armed I might add) but the stories and sights of the people were too much to bare.

While Obama fever is running high the world is looking elsewhere. As I stopped under a shaded tree to eat something a man was making his way towards my vehicle. We were warned by the police not to stop. We stopped! The Zimbabwean man shook uncontrolably. He was visibly shaken, hungry and he cried after every sentence. He had 3 children at home who have not eaten for the last three weeks. When I asked him how they are surviving he pointed at the grass and the roots of some shrubs on the ground. “Help us … please” I couldn’t swollow the bread I was eating. We gave all we had. With tears he left …… still crying …. still asking for help.

We had to stay over in Zimbabwe and we were charged $10 Billion Zimbabwe Dollars for a plate of food. I mean ….. I have never been so rich in my life. As I am writing this the $100 Trillion dollar note is being printed in Zimbabwe. Things are so out of control that not even the newspapers are able to comment anymore. And ….. Mugabe is on holiday, visiting Russia while Mrs. Grace Mugabe is on a shopping spree in Hong Kong.

What do we do? Well ….. never stop praying. I know (as does the hopefull Zimbabweans) that God will hear the cries of the poor, the sick and the dying.