As you might know by now our leaders follow an intensive 6 year theological and academical course with us. Our first 12 students successfully graduated in July 2008. We have more than 350 pastors in northern Mozambique following a course that will allow them to:

  • * have a thorough knowledge of the Bible and a diploma endorsed by Hebron Theological College
  • * a good understanding of local ministry within their communities;
  • * extensive training on leadership qualities;
  • * character training;
  • * ministry help with children’s, women’s and orphan ministry;
  • * health training
  • * church planting and growth
  • * evangelism tools

…….. and all of this in a cultural relevant method introduced by African Leaders themselves!

Below: We even brought in help from Polokwane, South Africa. Past. Johan Pieterse provided teaching with the local monitors from northern Mozambique. Self Leadership was one of the topics covered by Johan in a very practical way.

TOP: Francois explaining to local leaders and pastors the importance of …….. (looks like Assyria and Babylon) ….. Joao Benjamin standing on the left is an University of Maputo student guiding and helping the students with us.