Christmas Thievery

After some last-minute Christmas shopping with her grandchildren, my friend was rushing them into the car when four-year-old Jason said, “Grandma, Susie has something in her pocket.” He reached in and pulled out a new red barrette.

Though she was tired, my friend knew it was important for Susie to put the item back where she had found it. They did just that. Later at the grocery store checkout, the clerk asked, “Have you kids been good so Santa will come?”

“I’ve been very good,” replied Jason, “but my sister just robbed a store.”

On this joyous note – have a great and merry Christmas. May Christ be close to you and may you experience His peace during these great days. May our awesome God lead you through 2009 and reveal HIS great plan for you as you journey with him in the New Year.

If you are with family …. enjoy and if you would – would you spend 30 seconds in prayer for the people of Zimbabwe and Mozambique who are currently starving.

Blessings to ya all!!

Francois & Alta Rauch