My wife says I am too serious this Christmas. I love laughing and sharing life with people but around us Christmas is all but a happy affair for so many. We are currently facing the following challenges:

* Hundreds of Zimbabweans crossed the border as Zimbabwe is collapsing economically and
politically. That means we have hundreds of people flocking into our area without food,
a place to stay or the basic necessities to stay alive.

* Mozambicans are experiencing extreme drought at the moment and their most important
crop (maize) has still not been planted. That means that thousands of Mozambicans around
us are not even able to eat one good meal on a day. Although we provide “work for food”
programs it is not enough to sustain everyone.

* We have more than 300 pastors struggling with starvation as I am writing this.

If you feel you could be part of the solution please contact us via this page or for more information. All our partners on the base are raising support at this moment and will distribute food and seed before the end of this month.

Thank you for caring and please keep on praying for all those who are suffering and on the run – because they have no other choice. And for many others in Darfur and the Congo ….. Santa would probably look like this:

Hey ….. if you think this was a sad, dark blog post …….. (maybe) …. but let’s cheer up. Christ is with us ….. God has a plan ………. we are alive ….. and we can make a difference.