We have just ended our yearly Vacational Bible School. Great to see so many kids forget the worries of life, hunger and survival. A day of fun, water and slippery soap was planned and I can still hear the screams as I am writing this. Although one of our more daring kids, Psalmo was knocked unconscious it only took him a few minutes to recover and join in the other fun.

Here are some of the golden soapy moments (WARNING: Do not try this at home or in a thunderstorm:

Photo 1: Getting ready for lift-off

Photo 2: We call this the “side way junction” manoeuvre. The key is not to get your feet in the

Photo 3: The “Boeing 747 take-off manoeuvre”. The angle of the head has to be in just the right
place to catch your breath and make you miss the ton of soap and bubbles at the end
of the runway.

Photo 4: Bad landing – or as we call it – a “Blind Landing manoeuvre”

And lastly: The “Big Pile-up”. Ground control had no control!

And that is what they say in Africa: TIA (This is Africa)