The purpose of our Jesus film outreaches is to make friends. I truly believe in friendship evangelism. Although there are so many definitions on “Evangelism strategies” I believe it should always (and I mean always) involve relationship as cornerstone. We have had such great successes keeping this in mind.

We never just “arrive” at a spot to show the Jesus film. We make sure we meet people and build relationships before the time. Only then we will pack our “bakkie” (pick-up) and head into the bush. On a typical outreach like this we would sometime have more than 700 people arriving from everywhere. Usually the drums send out the message that we have arrived and a hour later we have a full house. There are so many faces (and children) in the crowd that I can hardly not take any pictures. The kids love their pictures taken.

We have lots of music, dance, joy and cultural activities before we show the Jesus film. After the movie we have a time of prayer and we answer questions like:

“How can I know that this Jesus can really free me?”
“I have tried this thing (religion) before and it didn’t seem to work!”
“I love Jesus – does He love Roman Catholics?”
“I follow Christ but still smoke. Is that a problem?”
“I have anger issues.”
“Must I pay to receive this Christ?”
“I have fallen …. will you forgive me?”

These are some of the awesome question people ask before we pray. Evangelism is NEVER a “bing bam kaboem” thing. Now you see me now you don’t. I just read the most amazing article on evangelism by Ed Young Jr and Niel Cole (read it here …. you will be amazed how diverse evangelism can be )

One thing is for sure: God is blessing the effort with the churches and the surrounding communities. Thank you for being part of sharing the best news ever!