From a hot and humid Mozambique I greet all my friends in the USA — (and those elsewhere who may be interested)!

You have a new President Elect!

I for one – but I think the overwhelming majority of our politically aware South African and Mozambiquean people, rejoice with you and give thanks.

MY prayer is that God will protect Barak Obama from all sides –

May he be granted the courage and the strength to stand by the high morals and strong convictions and the promises of positive change he has propounded during his campaign, so that he will not be swayed by the self-seeking powerful who always gravitate towards those in authority.

Above all may Obama be protected against the pursuit (even secretly) of personal popularity and power! — It is so true that “power corrupts” – and so does vanity….. May God keep him humble and wise and intrepid, and grant him and his supporters the insight to seek the advice and co-operation of their opponents in all important matters of state, so together they will be able to truly work for the good of the whole American Nation – and by so doing, also, as far as possible, for the good of all the nations.

Thinking of you with love, gratitude and in friendship!