Photo: We have a saying in Africa – “There is always place for one more”.

It is the second year in a row that our grade 5 students who writes an external exam came up tops. Although we only had a 84 % passrate our other students averaged far more than any of the big town schools around us. The teachers of our bush schools were extatic with the news released yesterday.

Photo: The proud teachers with some of the students.
We also had our school closing down ceremony and it was great to see such a huge turnout from all of our parents. Keeping in mind that it is planting season we had so many people attending that we ran out of room. Anyway there was a festive spirit in the air. Lots of prizes for all the top students and no one left without a sweet and a smile.

Photo: Even our pre-primary students recieved certificates.
Results 2008:
Grade 1 – 96 % pass rate
Grade 2 – 94 % pass rate
Grade 3 – 89 % pass rate
Grade 4 – 93 % pass rate
Grade 5 – 84 % pass rate
Grade 6 – 100 % pass rate
Grade 7 – 80 % pass rate

Photo: Top students in every grade recieved a certificate and some cool prizes.
Congratulations to all our students doing so well. Our university student, Joao Benjamin passed his second year at the University of Maputo without even writing an exam. His average was so good that he passed to his third year. One of our school students was just crowned as the best high school student in Chimoio – top of his class. (And that is a school with more than 2 000 students.)

So things are looking up and God is blessing our students. We have been working hard on Bible Education and Character training in 2008 and will introduce a new Character program in 2009.

Photo: We had 3 bicycles this year which was donated by the University Stellenbosch, Polokwane and Bellville. Here are the new proud owners – all top of their class.

This year we had not just our kids at the school but many orphans too. Thank you to David Phillips and the team in Godalming making the school party possible. It was a feast!