We had great outreaches earlier this weekend. It was amazing to see God’s people coming together and bringing their friends who does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We challenged communities to bring their friends …… but only if they have a relationship with a friend – someone who trusted them.

At one of our meetings this weekend someone brought their friend. She was a lady in her late 4o’s. She didn’t really participated in the meeting if I could recall. At the end of the service she broke the news to the pastors accompanying me. She told them that she was a witch (not a witchdoctor) and that she acquired a taste for human flesh. She would get human flesh from other witchdoctors and would weekly eat the meat. She did not now how to stop this desire for human flesh. She wanted today to give her life to Christ. It was an amazing moment. We could not share too much detail to the church or to her friends because of the sensitivity of the matter. The pastors were shocked and immediately withdrew – to afraid to speak to her. (This is typical in the culture where we work in!) After working with the pastors and explaining how they should react we helped the lady. After a few hours it was amazing to see God’s grace. Her face and eyes changed right before us. Jesus Christ transformed this lady into something wonderful. She could not stop smiling. And all of this …… because someone cared and brought her to the service. She joined the local bush church and they are currently helping her into a new lifestyle.

Thank you all for caring and keeping us in the bush to help others to find the gracious God and loving Christ which they are so desperately seeking.