Had a great day with the community yesterday again! As always I stand in awe when I see the joy of the people when they gather. We are in a difficult season with little or no food available for families. To worsen the problem we still have many Zimbabweans that fled Zimbabwe because of the political turmoil and arrogance of Robert Mugabe. The Zimbabweans have no food at all and even in Zimbabwe many are living from tree roots. Nonetheless ….. when people get together they sing, dance and laugh and find delight in the smallest things.

For Tabita (10)the day was very special. Tabita has only one leg and are always singing and dancing with the other kids. To survive in rural Mozambique is a daily challenge but to do it with only one leg is nearly impossible. It’s difficult to carry water, help on the fields and doing other home tasks.
A wonderful friend Koos van der Merwe (Yip as South African as you can get) visited one of our rural churches with me when he saw Tabita. He was moved by her energy and great spirit and decided to get involved. Tabita was struggling with an old wooden crutch that was too small and hurt her as she was moving around. Koos is a min of few words, but his actions speak for them self. He immediately organize 2 brand new crutches and I invited him over to hand them over.

The joy was overwhelming for both Tabita and her mom. The church and their reaction was something to experience. They jumped up in joy and danced around Tabita – sharing her joy. The adjustable crutches will help Tabita to move around much easier.

There would never have been enough money from the church to afford crutches for this little girl. Thanks to all who made this possible. Thank you for praying for Africa and Mozambique. Because of your caring many will have the change to live and feel valued …… and meet the One who loves and values them.

If you feel like sponsoring a child or helping one of the 700 orphans in our program please feel free to contact us.