If you are living on planet earth I guess you are somewhat (maybe) like me! I followed every news article on the current economic crisis we are dumped in. I wonder who started it all? Ok … I won’t blame Bush. I recall all the news headlines:

“US$700 Billion aid package by Bush doesn’t calm fears!”

“World heading for major economic meltdown”

“European banks close doors”

“Pensions wiped out for old couples.”

And so we can go on and on and on. No doubt the world is in a crisis. Even Mozambique was not spared! Food is scarce due to many factors but no doubt the current economic crisis played a role.

All of this chaos made me think of something though. We are surrounded by people and Western societies who worships and idolizes their appetites for consumerism. Kingdom currency is so different. The currency of the Kingdom is LOVE. Through all the chaos this is one gift we can all give and it might cost you something but the return is so much more than any other investment (that is about to be wiped out as I write this!)

Won’t you think about this for a while? What have you done lately to invest in Kingdom currency?