I was just heading back to my house on a hot summer’s day when our first aid officer at one of our clinics stopped me. He was anxious to ask me something. Before he could speak I asked him: “So how is your baby today?” He has been struggling for some time now and took his baby on several occasions to the clinic and the hospital in Chimoio.

“That is strange”, he says ….. “I was just about to ask you a question about my baby.” “How come” I replied. “Well” he said with a frown. “Something interesting happened as I visited the hospital in Chimoio yesterday. ” Without even catching a breath he continued his story. “The doctor said that my baby needed a blood transfusion today. Unfortunately there was no blood available in the hospital and my blood group didn’t match my baby’s. Just as I was getting discouraged a Muslim (I recognized him because of his clothing) heard what was happening. He told me that he would be willing to donate his blood to my baby. I was overwhelmed that he would offer his blood for free!”

“He voluntarily gave his blood with a smile not asking anything from me. But now I have a question.” He looked me in the eye …… “Do you think that my baby is a Muslim now.” “How come” I asked. “Well because he gave his blood …… do you think that my baby will become a Muslim now?” I wanted to laugh ….. but a few things struck me:

1. How childlike people in the bush is;
2. How great this Muslim guy was “being there” and ready to lend a hand to his neighbour;
(maybe I can learn something from this)
3. Isn’t it wonderful to know that when God gave His Son – Jesus we that accept him has been
washed in His blood – and DO BELONG to Him because of His blood.

I answered “no” to Ernesto and explained how different the blood of a human is to the power of the blood of Jesus. He laughed as I explained ….. and left with a smile.

It made my day!