It is hot and humid in the bush with still no sign of rain. Women are working on their fields preparing themselves for the coming rainy season.

While there is somewhat of an expectancy in the air the Women Outreach program started their own clothing factories in the bush. The bush “factories” each got their own sowing machine, materials and other tools to produce a wide variety of products. These “clothing factories” in the bush are currently:

  • Producing clothing for our ever growing orphan numbers;
  • clothing for our orphan babies;
  • producing new uniforms for our bush schools – that is uniforms for more than 200 kids;
  • supporting more than 5 women schools,
  • supporting families totaling more than 75 people;
  • and providing jobs for hungry woman in our communities.

We even have our own support team to service machines monthly. After the “factory” has been setup (grass roof, chair and working space) machines are being installed by our “Service Inspector”, Gabriel Lucas. Ready to lock and load (or something like that)!

Left and right: And the factory is producing! Isabella and Eunice showing their latest fashions.

Even the kids are enjoying their new jerseys and are taking part in the fun. Little Barbara enjoying her time with the team.

While woman are being taught how to use the sowing machines it is also a change to show Christ’s love to all involved. On the photo above Alta reaches out to a community leader in Macadeira. They both are students in some of the Women Schools in the area. They have also received their first Shona Bibles which is extremely scarce in our area.

After graduation and getting your “sowing license” it’s time to get to the basics ……. and drive the machine. Ok I am not a lady ……….. but you know what I mean.