His name is Zach Roberts (right on the photo). I met him while I was in Rwanda with our Emerging conversation on a Gospel of Reconciliation. He is a young Baptist minister busy with his doctorate. He is a real emerging thinker when it comes to transformation on different levels. His latest posting on his blog made me sit still and take notice.

There are a lot of things changing in my life these days. I’m making a significant move in my career, and I’ve found myself in a significant “liminal space” that has forced me to make serious evaluations of my time and commitments. I’ve been an active blogger for about four years now. Much of that has served as an outlet for my dissatisfaction with status quo Christianity, or as a way to articulate a more contemplative, and imaginative way of following Jesus.

This blog itself was becoming more than an outlet. I was, and had initially, gotten off the ground here with podcasting Lectio readings and interviews with other contemplatives. That was starting to eat up more time than I had available. Somewhere in there my web-server stopped accepting my audio files. Right around that time I made a pilgrimage to Rwanda and had my legs kicked out from under me. Many things, including this blog began to have the flavor “vanity.” I began to really ask myself “why” when it came to investing so much time and effort into this blog site. Not to mention I had started feeling pressure (self-imposed) to post regularly, keep up with my podcasts, and generally “wow” my emergent readers and friends. The more I though about it, the more it wreaked of vanity.

Another part of what I am dealing with here is communal attentiveness. I had started this blog as a compliment to a physical community I was trying to foster here in Greensboro. After a little over a year of starts, stops, and unsuccessful revisions, we’ve had to accept that it was not to be. As I enter into a new church position, I feel it necessary to devote my energies to that physical community, and to not be distracted with an attempt to maintain dogwood as a virtual one.

This is not my blogger’s swan song. Writing is one of the few emancipated spaces I have as a clergy person. I am, however going back to the basics. Writing when I want to because I must. I am going back to simplicity. I’m also broadening my landscape. Most of all, I plan to dedicate my blogging to dreaming, beauty, creativity, imagination, discovery, and the like. Whatever subversion emerges will come about on its own. And it will.

I have a new blog in the works. Its just a plain-ole blog. I’m not paying for a domain name anymore. I’ll post that link here in the coming weeks before this site goes off line. Until then, thanks for being readers and participants in the dogwood blog. Until we meet again in the blogosphere, peace and all good to you!


(Thanks for sharing that Zach …… and may we all learn!)