It’s fire season! We just hit 41 degrees Celcius today and to top that off we had huge fires raging and getting closer to the house as I am writing this. As I am looking out of my bushwindow I can still see fires raging. Even my motorbike are parked in the “ready to fight fires during the night” position.

Fires in our area are being set alight for several reasons. It seems litting fires is something of an artform here – because it happens yearly. Some of the reasons are:

* To hunt
* To get ready for the planting season – less grass!
* To make an offering to the “firegod” which in return would send good rains.
* …….. and who knows!

Preventing fires is an educational task where we are. And a hard and ongoing one that is.

Here is our house in the middle of the bush. Sun is setting, fires raging outside but all calm and quiet in the garden.

Our open garage. What you see in the background are fires closing to our vehicles.

The house from a little closer!

If you come and visit …… relax on the veranda!


1. Bushschools getting ready for their year end exams.
2. Women seminars in progress.
3. Clinics working away as ussual.
4. Building on the base continueing non-stop before the rainy season hits.
5. New school building nearing the finishing stages with trusses being made.
6. Movie outreaches in full swing.
7. Please keep on praying for all the projects on the base.