When you have 70 women leaders together something is about to happen or change. The purpose of the seminar for women leaders was to converse on topics like:
  • Africa – what now?
  • Poverty and facing hunger – a challenge to confront
  • Respect and encouraging others to stand up
  • Family relationships
  • Getting rid of things that will waste your time
  • Emotions
  • How not to give up
  • Stand up – practical marketing skills
  • Arts and crafts

A mouthful to say the least but conversation on these topics brought some great insights to many women leaders on how to tackle daily relevant matters in Mozambique. Let’s quickly give you an insight on what happened through some pics …..

Women arriving via the mission truck to the seminar. They are all monitors in their respective zones and all of them are leading other women in their areas.
Woman are not allowed on their traditional culture to attend seminars or be away for a few days without attending to their husbands and families but these leaders were given the opportunity by their “enlightened husbands”. And the ladies dressed for the occasion too!

Worship, dance and prayers plays an integral part of coming together to converse. This was no exception as the ladies enjoys the presence of God.

And oh brother (or should I say sister) once they get going they never stop. Despite the high temperatures that accompanied the seminar (about 41 degrees Celsius) that made them even more determined to praise God.

A time to catch ones breath! During the seminar the ladies could rest and be served by others – as they are usually the ones serving others.

Prayer time at the end of each session was a special time. Because of all the challenges that the ladies face eg. abuse, hunger, raising malnutrition kids, no basic services like water and power they had a change to share this with their fellow leaders and prayed together. It was great to see ladies serving each other!

One of the true great things of Africa is that the kids are always part of community and church life. Many of the ladies had to bring their kids with them – and they shared in the true community of believers. They were part of the worship, prayer and the seminar.

Thank you again to all who made this possible. Thank you Elizma de Villiers and our gracious queen Barbara Rainford – through your generosity women leaders had the change to emerge and influence the rest of Mozambique.