We have just finished a course on Character building for kids and adults in the RSA at the Ethics and Leadership Institute. The plan is to invest the 6 pilars of character into all our more than 250 kids in the bushschools,the 150 kids in our pre-school and then take it to more than 300 ladies in the Ladies Ministry. Our current more than 400 pastors would also benefit from the program.

This program teaches kids the value of:

1. Trustworthiness
2. Respect
3. Responsibility
4. Fairness
5. Caring
6. Good Citizenship

I just found the following article which I just have to share with you. Was in todays News Paper at http://www.news24.com/ and I shed a silent tear (really!). This is exactly what we would like to bring to our kids:

Thulani Lesie with his grandmother Evelyn Mompei at his matric farewell.

Potchefstroom – The headmaster of Potchefstroom Technical High School gets tears in his eyes every time he thinks about the matriculant who took his grandmother to his matric farewell as a thank you gesture, he told News24 on Friday.

“It was an excellent gesture on his part,” said headmaster Chris de Villiers of Thulani Letsie, 18, who invited his grandmother to his matric farewell.

“Initially we were surprised to see an old lady accompanying him,” De Villiers said.

However, when everybody realised it was his grandmother, who had raised him since he was 10 years old when his parents died in a car crash, it turned into an emotional experience.

“I have been in education for 32 years and this is the first time I have experienced something like this,” said De Villiers. “When I think about it, I get tears in my eyes. We are all very proud of him.”

Thulani lives in the school hostel during the week, but spends weekends and holidays with his grandmother and his aunt, Julia Mompei, in Ventersdorp.

News24 Users praised Letsie in their responses to the article.
Here are a few of the comments:

“I hope this young man gets all the opportunities in the world, he deserves it.” – eJay

“What an amazing way to express gratitude. A great lifting of the spirit when it is much needed.” – CtheB

Wow, that’s the noblest thing I ever heard of. Hats off to you, Thulani! – G-U

“This is a great sign of appreciation by Thulani. His grandma must be touched indeed. These fruits can only be enjoyed by those parents who do not choose not only to be automatic parents but conscious ones most importantly. I was touched indeed.” – Nelisa

“Now that’s a young lad with excellent morals! Congratulations Gran on bringing up a humble and respectful young man. We need more of these youth in today’s society. – Brendon

“What a wonderful story to hear in the midst of this horrible turmoil. It’s uplifting to hear that there are still young people who respect their elders. I’m living in the UK now and it is horrific to see the behaviour of the teenagers. Perhaps Thulani can come over and teach these youngsters how they should be treating life.” – Judes

“This is what the bible calls wisdom. May you live a blessed life, and grow up to be a man of wisdom and character while other people are blessed by you. Well done.” – Zah K