A word of welcome to Rick and Heather Neufeld. Rick is a pastor in the Baptist Church. Heather specializes like Rick in Children’s Ministry. They are from Canada and arrived a few weeks ago.

Heather says: “After that long long long day in the truck- we arrived here at the farm. It is such a blessing to finally be here, but so overwhelming when we think of everything that we personally need to do to get set up, as well as the things that we need to learn! So many new faces and places. We are currently staying in a “almost done” cottage, that will eventually be home to some missionaries from Mercy Air in South Africa, we hope. Once Dwight and Lynn are finished their house, we will be moving into the cottage they are currently in. We spent most of yesterday in town (about an hour away) purchasing food and supplies. Its a crazy town, but we managed to find most of what we needed. Here in Mozambique, food prices are comparable to Canada, but items that are “luxury” items are more expensive. For instance, cans of whip cream costs more than ten bucks!

Please pray for both of these wonderful people as they settle and serve the people of Mozambique! WELCOME AGAIN!