“If only I had Jesus …. some fish and a little bread!” I though out loud. Yip … and maybe some disciples to pick up the 12 baskets full. I was confronted with this reality last weekend. We had our training seminars …. everyone was pumped up – ready to reconcile and populate the Kingdom. One minor detail though ….. they needed 580 Bibles. I had 60.

Some of these pastors travelled more than 700 km for their training and the privilege to receive Bibles for their communities. I felt small and inadequate when I looked at my 3 boxes with 60 Bibles. And then ….. I prayed. I can read your mind now! You are waiting to hear how the biggest miracle in the 21st century took place. That the Bibles miraculously trippled and then I picked up 12 baskets full of New Testaments. Well …. I am ashamed to say that maybe I am not such a big faith hero after all. The leaders and pastors looked at me, looked at the boxes and closed their eyes again. I peeped I have to admit. Nope …. still only 3 boxes. I thought if I handed them out ….. zap …… it will happen. I can read your mind again (RED)! Nope nothing happened.

I ended up handing out 60 Bibles and had to send many leaders back home with only 1 or 2 ….. but no one left empty handed. Yes, their faces told the story …… of disappointment. It’s weird though that we are in the 21st century, we have 7 different copies of the Bible and can get as many as we want on the internet via quick cable …. but in Africa we still struggle to get a printed version of God’s Word into the hands of spiritually hungry people. Thank you that I could share that ….. I somehow feel a little better now.

We had a busy time the last few days. 12 Of our leaders finished their 6 years theological studies and proudly received there diplomas. Will show some nice pics when I receive them.

We were also privileged to have handed out many blankets and other ministry tools to “spiritually hungry” leaders in the north. Our orphan program grew from 550 to 698 in the last 6 months.

Here is Alta handing out manuals that she created with help from the Mozambiquean staff in Shona, Portugeuse and Chitewa. This will be used to empower ladies in ministry in rural Mozambique.

A special word of thanks to Barbara Rainford (somewhere in England), David Phillips (Godalming, England), Dr. Tielman Marais (Stellenbosch), Niel & Heleen Keyser (Louis Trichardt) and many of our other friends who made it possible to support these leaders, orphans and other projects. God bless ya all richly!