I have been reading a great article by Floyd McClung (author of books like: Living on the devil’s doorstep and Father Heart of God). I have been thinking and re-thinking strategies on how we can help to reconcile the problems of Africa with Africans and bring about a culture of justice and reconciliation. Although the problems are so complex I have to agree with Floyd when he writes on Luke 10:

“When Jesus sent out the 70 they came back with joy because of what God did through them. Jesus affirmed them, he taught them, and he corrected them. And he invited them to be leaders in the movement he started to change the world.

Jesus didn’t come to waste his time or life for nothing. When we debrief the 70 we sent out we will invite them to give their lives for the same cause Jesus lived and died for. We believe in the power of the gospel to transform lives, but it only works if we lay down our lives like Jesus did. “

And I wondered ….. if we would only be able to train 70 agents of reconciliation what would this world look like? If we do not become agents of reconciliation what will happen to the people around us …… what will happen to the world?

“Doing what Jesus did is the most important thing a person can do with their life. It’s the most important thing a person can do to help change Africa. The non-Muslim parts of Africa have been evangelized many times over. But they have not been discipled. The world doesn’t need more decisions – it needs disciples, and disciple making leaders. It needs men and women who have had their hearts and minds transformed by the gospel, men and women who don’t ask what they get out of it, but what they can do to give their life away. ” What do you think?