Dear friend,

Radicals from the Middle East are spending literally millions and millions of dollars in Africa to build new hospitals, schools, universities, and places of worship. Their goal is to convert Africans and recruit a new generation of extremists.

In order to halt the spread of extremism and transform the lives of Africans for the Kingdom, we are in the process of networking with Campus Crusade for Christ who is employing multiple strategies—ranging from humanitarian aid (offered alongside spiritual outreach) to campus ministry that reaches future leaders. But there is one very simple, very basic need. Africa needs Bibles.

We have just received a 100 Portuguese Bibles from South Africa. Our last shipment of close to 100 Shona from London, England has long been distributed. Our last 100 Portuguese Bibles have just found new owners. Bibles sure don’t last long on the base ………… please pray that God will open up the windows of heaven for more Bibles. We cannot keep up! Our Bibles only go to leaders who can read and write and people we have a relationship with. We do not just hand out Bibles left and right!

Thank you for sharing our burden!