Some 20 students of the University of Stellenbosch visited us a week ago. Their main objective was to bring LIFE and HOPE to areas who needed it most. With so many Zimbabweans fleeing the reign of terror of Robert Mugabe the procurement of food for these fleeing thousand have become even more important.

These students decided that they wanted to be part of a greater solution. They decided to lay out vegetable gardens which could produce more seed in the future to those who are not privileged enough to buy seeds.
“Oh my goodness so much weed to take out. So glad I brought my garden gloves!”

Even the local kids of the community felt sorry for the “mazungoes” (white people) and gave a hand to remove some the stubborn weeds.

Seedbeds prepared. Job well done!

After a hard days work the community prepared meals for the hungry students. Rice and chicken were on the menu and everyone had a five star meal. Everyone agreed …… women are the backbone of Mozambique as it is them taking the responsibility to prepare fields and feed their families.
The Stellenbosch team served the community in a great way by:
  • Organizing a big athletics event at a bush school;
  • Participated in huge feeding projects;
  • Completed building projects for the community;
  • and even carried sand for an old retired gentleman in the community.
  • Soccer against the local “B” team but lost after a fighting effort 0 – 1.

A special word of thanks to all who made this possible. The students travelled a total of 7 000 km back and forth to get here on difficult roads. Thanks to all who supported them.