Isn’t their a song somewhere “I feel like crying ….. come on baby …… cry with me!” Not that I want to recall it. We live in a global village but the way prices (specifically fuel) has been rising …… and rising …… and rising. It does’nt look like Mozambique has any regulatory body out there because our prices skyrocketed the last few weeks – in some cases more that 60 %. Well if you are a South African you will now pay R14,70 for a liter of petrol (US$2,30) and more than R12 for a liter of diesel – depending on the exchange rate on the black market. This really hits the local Mozambiquean even harder as they have NO transport and have to rely on local taxis or “chapas” as we call them here. What do you do? Well obviously if you are in Africa overloading is the answer to get more out of a tank of fuel. Got some pics and laughed so much taking them that I nearly cried!

A few day after taking the pic there was no more bumper …. but somehow I counted even more pasangers. Did I mention there is 4 in front!

Shock for the shocks. Carefull if you don’t go more that 70 km/h ….. it will try to pass you with screaming and anxious passangers. No they are not laughing as they are passing you …. they are praying!

Ok and if you have NO MORE MONEY and NO MORE FUEL …. load those Chinese and Indian Hunter bicycles to the max! Oh … and if you have a mirror to see behind you …….. better not take your eye of the road buddy!