Mozambique being part of the global village is experiencing its worse food crisis ever. Rising food prices escalated in such a fashion that people are already starving in communities. Although we try our best to make sure that we train people to look after themselves and provide their own food we still have many of our 550 orphans who struggle to make ends meet. In this process Vanduzi Company (producing fresh veggies for the UK market) is sponsoring us weekly with more than 3 tons of fresh produce. This food is handed over to orphans, widows and our bush schools
(soup kitchens).

We collect our fresh veggies (most of it still 1st grade and marked for the UK market) directly from the Vanduzi factory about 40 km away from our base. Here Francois is handing over beans to MC (student pastor) with students from the University of Stellenbosch lending a helping hand.

We mostly receive green beans, sweat peas, couchettes and baby corn with some chillies.

“Business before pleasure, unless pleasure is your business”, I always say. The greatest thing in life is to give something away. Wish you could be there when we handed over fresh veggies to the orphans and the widows.

LEFT: More students “labouring” in love.

PS: I never knew they could eat so many fresh beans in the process though!

Some students handed over soccer balls to local schools in the area. The headmaster and some of his teacher receiving a new soccer ball for his sports program at the school.

The students of the University of Stellenbosch was tight knit group who blessed us all with their presence and serving spirit. A huge hug and thank you from all of us in Mozambique.