Have you ever imagined a sunset without colour? A thunderstorm without a grey-blue thundercloud? A rose ….. in black and white? When God mixes colours …. what a site. We have been priviledged to have had a great visiting group from Cape Town – Bellville and Blouberg to be excact who brought so much colour to our world – literally.

Henri Weideman and Brad Espin leading a team of 20 very interesting human beings arrived for a weeks visit to lend a hand with the many projects running on the mission base. One of the projects they decided to tackle was painting our new pre-school. The result ………. pretty cool!

Some of the Cape Town ladies colouring-in our world. The community was so inquisitive that they could’ nt keep out of the school while we were painting.

The kids could not contain their joy with what was happening to their new school. Some of the community members even payed for our 24 coca-cola’s. It was a hot day and was nice to connect with all the local Mozambiqueans in the process. Games were played, lessons taught and great relationships buildt in the process.Meet our artist – Jaco Beukman. He made a huge impact with his art on the community. In fact the lady that he painted was recognized by some of the community – to their astonishment. Who ever thought that art could bring people together.

Henri Weideman (Executive Pastor, Bellville Congregation) was chief in charge when it came to painting and taking leadership of the event. After a few days he called himself a “Lifestyle Designer” and not a pastor anymore. Way to go – we say. Anyway a word of thanks to Henri for taking the time to come with his team to support us here in the bush. Not a lot of executive pastors take the time to work on grassroot level anymore. (Should I even say this in blogger??) Anyway they donated most of the paint and a word of thanks to all of them.

Brad Espin (Executive Pastor, Blouberg/Table View) also a Lifestyle Designer now organized the trip to Mozambique with some of his church members. Brad has the best laugh in the southern hemisphere. He was also our preacher in our community churches and it was amazing to see how he submerged into the lives of the local Mozambiquean.

Our schools and community have been touched in a great way by the Cape Town team. They have left a legacy. All our teams left – it is yet again quiet on the base. I can only hear children laughing at the moment ….. and yes I saw a few dirty hands on the school as everyone is still peeping in to get a good look at the art inside the school. So I ask you …… is that leaving a legacy or what?