I have met Sarah and Ron in Rwanda. They are 2 lovely young people with a passion for others. They work in Burundi and they shared their lessons with us. I am laughing so hard right now – because we have gone through them ourselves!

Africa Lesson #1: I’m not late, I’m just not early.

Africa Lesson#2: Never volunteer information. If they haven’t asked, they must not want to know.

Africa Lesson #3: Never assume the identity of a condiment. (Memo to my sweet hubby: I TOLD you that was not parmesan cheese. Did you like the dried milk powder on your potatoes?)

Africa Lesson #4: Roosters are of the devil/We Need HOAs (Our neighbor has one. Crows every morning…and afternoon…and evening.)

Africa Lesson #5: We hope you like lunch cause you’ll be having it for dinner. And the next meal. And the next meal. And the meal after that.

Africa Lesson #6: The “dry” season really means “the drier season”

Africa Lesson #7: White skin color does not rub off (despite continuous and well-meaning efforts by excited Burundian children)

Africa Lesson #8: “Mzungu” (“white person”!) is my new name.

Africa Lesson #9: Honking is a legitimate form of road communication.

Africa Lesson #10: All traffic laws, rules, signs and regulations are suggestions.

Africa Lesson #11: Rain = No Internet Today

Africa Lesson #12: Simple carbs, baby. Everybody’s doing it. (We live on a diet of rice, bananas, potatoes and bread. Nice.)

Africa Lesson #13: Craters? Nope. Potholes.

Africa Lesson #14: The road is for all of God’s creatures. (Cows, goats, chickens, a car, and a mother with a baby on her back all have right of way…at the same time.)

Africa Lesson #15: If you’ve arrived in town before McDonald’s has, you’ve got cajones, baby.