So much are happening around us that it is difficult to keep up. No no ….. forget about the oil price, rising food prices and all the consumerism out there in the concrete jungle. God has been gracious throughout all these horrific things happening out there in the world. Here is a quick update on what has been happening on the base and around us in our communities in the bush:
Thanks to the generosity of Vanduzi Limitada (a company that grows veggies for the European and the UK market) we are now receiving a few tons of fresh veggies every week.

The beneficiaries of all these veggies will be our bush schools, orphans, widows and other handicapped precious people who struggle to make ends meet in the bush. This year we have had a disastrous planting season again due to too much rain. The lady receiving some of these veggies is a leprosy patients and are looked after by the mission.


The floor of our newly build pre-school are being poured and the finishing touches are being applied by our builders. This school will house about 150 pre-schoolers and will also help the community school to teach part of their 700 students. Timber are currently being cut so that the roof could be finished. Visiting groups are ready to tackle the paint job.


Dwight is on a mission. Yeah literally!! The team decided it was time for a new entry road and the mission team hard at work to get drainage pipes ready. Did I mention Earl Trakovski in the photo. He was a missionary in Brazil for more than 35 years and is still going strong. He is in his 70’s (he really looks early 50’s though!) but when it comes to technical issues (and spiritual issues) he is a giant. Earl gave up another 3 months of his life to come and help us out on the base. What a man!

Our new entry road. Will still have to decide if this new road will have an unique name! Maybe we will call it AMAHORO AVENUE!


We again have had the privilege to receive a few nursing students from Canada. Their primary objective is not just to gain experience in a third world culture but to teach, treat and heal.

Please keep on praying for the multitude of activities taking place on the mission base. For the next 4 weeks we will have several visiting groups from Cape Town reaching out – despite the rising oil prices and ever increasing living costs. Thank you again for caring.