It’s a hot day again in Mozambique! I’m travelling by motorbike to a remote area in the bush. The sun is beating on my oversize helmet. Streams of sweat are dripping its salty content in my eyes. I stop …… just have to find something to drink. Not far away I find a funny guy selling ice cold coke – absolutely in the middle of nowhere.

“WOW”, I though. This is how the gospel should be. Ready on every corner. But this is exactly what we are doing in Mozambique. Taking the gospel to remote areas. If Coke can do it so can we! I always believed that we can go where Coke can go and further. Needless to say …… it went down smooth and cold in a thirsty throat.
After some time on the road I took a dirt road with the motorbike to get to my destination. And suddenly out of absolutely nowhere (you get the idea?) a snake stood up in front of the motorbike. (The Black Mamba is well known to grow to more than 2 metres and like to stand up when they are threatened.) Have you ever looked a Black Mamba in the eye! Uglier than Ugly Betty. As I was still speeding ….. nowhere to go …… nowhere to hide. Did I mention we only use shorts and t-shirts around here. So no protection on my beautiful skinny legs. I know God is close to us all …… but at that moment ……. HE felt closer than ever. Was this the way I was going to meet the Saviour – with a snake-punctured leg? In a split of a second I lift my legs higher than a Chinese Olympic gymnast and scooted past the furious snake …… unharmed. Why he didn’t have the change to bite me I still don’t know (it is the fastest snake in the world after all!)

Anyway a few 100 metres later I stopped. Heart racing, adrenaline flowing, blood pumping, hair rising, dry in the mouth, knees shaking, eye widening experience ………. all in the name of the gospel. It still is too warm to wear protective clothing – but I am praying much more serious on the motorbike when I am out in the bush!

All back to normal on the base as Dwight and Co is back from a successfully trip from Brazil. There is a few miracles happening as one of Mozambique’s biggest companies decided to help us weekly with more than 1 ton of fresh veggies for our feeding kitchens. Many good things happening to less fortunate people out here in the middle of nowhere. Keep clicking and watching!