We have been soooooooooo privileged to have had so many visitors from so many different cultures and countries with one common denominator – TO SERVE people who are not still some of the poorest in the world, but still have little or no opportunity to help themselves. BUT GOD loves them dearly and HE has a great plan – HE has been sending so many to help us and to serve the people of Mozambique. Some of the photos will show you just how wonderful they are:

These 6 nurses from the University of Canada worked and served on the base for the last month. They stayed in tents and survived the bush! Here they are with Alta just before they left ….. heading back home!

Polokwana also visited for a few days and brought an awesome team to serve the communities and more specifically the churches in our area. The Women’s Ministry was not overlooked as they made sure that Eunice (Women’s Ministry National Coordinator) received a brand new bicycle for her work in the bush.

The whole Polokwane team in my garden! They brought so many gifts for the community that we were all overwhelmed. They brought a huge trailer (and I mean huge) -95 boxes of clothing, seed, food, shoes and other bare necessities.

Offloading some of the goodies for the community. Simon (Pre-School teacher) watches as many toys were amongst the gifts. Our pre-schools seriously needed some toys. Johan Pieterse is a pastor in the Polokwane Congregation.

One of the Polokwane ladies pray for one of our widows in the community. After the team left the whole community said it as one: “Can they please return … they have touched as like no one before.” Many thanks to all who come from so far to be a blessing!