If you are in Africa ask any man or lady on the street: “What do you think is the biggest need for Africa?” They will answer in a choir – “Training off course!” It was great to watch women, teachers and kids as 6 qualified nurses trained communities the basics in First Aid by using games and other methods that Mozambicans could relate to.

Hard work, some exams at the end …. and the result. Each of the Lady Monitors working with out ladies literacy and training received their First Aid Certificate. Proud – abso – beautifully – lutely! (If there is a word like that around!) Our teachers also received their certificates after completing the course after hours. “What makes this so wonderful”, one of teachers proclaimed, is that “we can now help our neighbours and friends if they feel sick.” The Health system of Mozambique is still struggling and even after more than 16 years of war the country is still struggling to provide basic services to the local population – specially those staying in rural areas.
We believe in helping people holistically so they can help themselves and endeavours like these surely hits the nail fairly and squarely. Well done!