That’s a lot of maize, beans, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, salt, curry – and more ingredients to serve yearly to more than 200 bush children. Without our kitchen at the school we would have struggled to make sure our kids get at least one good meal a day. In times such as these where crops are not doing too well because of the severe flooding in our area many of these kids would not even have a good healthy meal a day!

Thanks to the help of so many good people it is possible for kids to enjoy a good day at school. The feeding and health program presented at the school already showed its fruits. Our school, as you already know by now has been shown as the school with the highest pass rate and highest percentage average in our area.

Our kids also participates in our meals by carrying water to the kitchen so that our chef, Fernando, can cook for them.


  • Dwight and Lynn just left for a month heading to Brazil – all quiet;
  • All our groups, nurses and co-workers left after a busy time on the base;
  • By the way – Nat Zook – got married in March and we wish him and Salena just the best for the next 98 years!
  • I am off to Rwanda soon – will keep you updated;
  • New “more permanent” missionaries, Rick and Heather Neufield, will arrive in August.


  • Crisis in Zimbabwe
  • For wisdom with all the ministries and people involved
  • Finances
  • Health

Bless ya all!