And so …. we are in March! Can you even remember what your new year’s resolutions were? I though that maybe more exercise would be a priority. Well …. I still feel I walk enough around here so why exercise when you have wheels? Anyway …. hope you are all well spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Wish we could have all of you here to experience the wonderful things that are happening out here. We just had a group from the US of A with Mercy Air and they were huge fun. Watch the next posting for a great slide show with some action photos too! We are currently helping more than 3 000 people per month all over Mozambique. This includes:

  • Literacy programs
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Education
  • Medical services
  • Theological training
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Social upliftment
  • Outreaches

One of the people we are currently helping is a boy with a huge defect. His name is Beru and he is 16 years of age. He cannot use any of his arms or fingers as they are misformed. We are currently sponsoring Beru and he is in school – grade 6. With the help of friends and doctors we are currently trying to arrange an operation for Beru. If you feel you could help or add value to this effort please contact us on this blog or at –

Have a great day!