Life can sometimes be tiresome and overwhelming — but God wants to give you peace like you’ve never experienced before.

He wants to release the POWER OF JESUS’ BLOOD into your life!

Whatever you are experiencing — emotional turmoil, confusion, depression or even financial struggle, the blood that Jesus shed for you brings eternal redemption and freedom!

This Easter season, remember that:

The blood covers all
Every sin or transgression in your life can be washed away by Jesus’ blood!

The blood has already paid your price
It doesn’t matter what is in your past — God has loved you every moment of your life!

The blood has unlimited power
The blood that Christ shed on the Cross releases all the power of Heaven into the lives of God’s children!

Bless ya …. have a great Easter. In Africa we are celebrating Easter this weekend and will post the photos of the different services …. and believe me there is a lot. Have a great family time too!