Our bush school received their first school desks ever!! Our just more than 200 kids has never had the opportunity to receive education sitting in desks. Many of our kids had to sit on the floor trying to write and do their homework. Christmas gifts from various wonderful people made it possible for the mission to buy 40 desks. We still need 20 of these to fulfill all our needs.

Picture 1: The truck arrives at the school at 06:00 in the morning. Teachers are ready to offload. Wish you could see their faces when the brand new desks arrived.

Picture 2: The teacher proudly received and tested the new school desks. The people that helped us to obtain these desks fulfilled a 12 year dream that we had at our bush school. A legacy has been left by those who cared enough to give!Picture 3: And then the kids! Wish you were there to here the screams (and I mean screams) of joy and laughter. I quietly had a tear or two. The appreciation and utmost thankfulness for this gift was overwhelming. The first kids who arrived at school shouted so loud that I though something terrible happened. I had to shout with them when I realized it was because they saw the new desks in their classes. A blessing – a great Christmas gift – straight from the heart of God. It showed again – if you pray and you have a dream – God will answer – using great people to do so.

Bless you all from a cheering, happy and joyous bush school!!!