Zimbabwe has Mozambique as its closest neighbour. The forthcoming elections are explosively loaded as Robert Mugabe seeks a 6th term in office. Robert Mugabe has not just defeated his enemy by destroying all opposition parties but he has destroyed the country as a whole. With an inflation rate of 10 000 % and increasing daily people are suffering.

The next elections will be on 29 March 2008. We seriously need to pray for Zimbabwe to prevent what happened in Rwanda and currently in Kenya.


(AP) Police in Zimbabwe are ready to use force to quell any violence during national elections next month and any unrest after the poll, the official media reported Wednesday.

President Robert Mugabe is accused of holding onto power by using intimidation and rigging to ensure previous election victories, and the latest comments by police were likely to add to concerns the March 29 vote will be no different despite promises of reform.

Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri said police officers will not hesitate to use “full force” to stop politically motivated violence, the state-owned Herald newspaper said.”Police will never treat perpetrators of political violence with kid gloves. Please be warned,” the paper quoted him as saying. “There has been talk from some opposition circles and civil organizations of street protests or Kenya-style riots if the ballot does not go in favor of one’s political party ….

It is time for political parties to own up if they lose,” he said. Mugabe faces a challenge from a former finance minister, Simba Makoni, as well as the head of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Police had banned the prayer meetings under security laws. New legislation rushed through parliament at the end of last year has relaxed the security laws, but so far there have been few signs of a more tolerant government approach to opposition demonstrations.
Mozambique has already seen a huge influx of Zimbabweans flocking into a country where there is little infrastructure to support the people. Thank you for praying!