I have said it so many times – and here I go again! Once you have seen an African kid laugh and have heard the giggling sounds your heart melts and it is a sight and sound you will never ever forget.

THE REASON: In total poverty but with total joy. It is always these extremes that you find but can never really understand. Watch some of our kids and you will understand!

He is grade 2. His name – Zito. He loves sweats he says. He is an introvert but very helpful and loves attention. He has to cross a huge river to get to school but he is not afraid he says (maybe thats why he is wearing his Superman outfit for the day!)

Meet Joao who is a grade 5 student. He’s been with us from grade 1 and grew up a fine and brilliant student and human being. Because his family cannot afford any shoes he decided to make his own. He used hard plastic from a container and made it fashionable for everyone else to envy. What is his dream for the future: To become an engineer.

Well I think with that great shoe design he should be in fashion design. Want to see a closer view of those great shoes? He says there is no copyright on this design – so go ahead! Well ….maybe you could think of paying him some royalties!

Ok one more picture to bring our kids at our bush school a little bit closer to you.

Not just do we care for more than 200 kids at our bush school but we have another 550 orphans we help in the northern parts of Mozambique. Many of them are trapped in flooded areas. Please pray for them.

Girls never had the oppurtunity to attend school. Because of cultural traditions girls were rarely allowed any education. They ussually got married at the age of 12 and have babies by the age of 14 or 15. Luckily the law changed and girls may not get married before the age of 16. We have eagerly fought the battle in our area to allow more girls in our school.

We are glad to report that all our grades, even our pre-school has plenty girls. We provide arts and crafts to make them feel special with netball as a girl sport.

And offcourse toys are very rare in the bush. If you can’t find any – use live ones. This kid got some kind of bug to use as his pet. Why? Well he said later that it makes a weird noise and if you put in someones clothing it tickles in a nice way! But – he exclaimed – girls don’t like them very much.