I don’t know who of you ever read the book “Animal Farm”? If not do yourself a favour a get a copy. The bottom line the author tried to communicate is that we are all equal ……. but that at the end it is important to note that ……. well some are more important than others! We sure experienced that with the visit of our new Governor when he visited us. We slashed overgrown grass, fixed up the road, planted new trees, swept our yards, painted the office and the clinic and so on and so on ………! He eventually arrived with screaming school children who met him on the road to all of us standing in straight line (we were ordered to do so)!!

Here is some of the photos to tell the story!

Kids lining up to welcome the new Governor of our Province. Laughter and songs filled the air as they waited in anticipation.

The governor had a whole entourage of people following him. I stopped counting at 70 people – with the police force, tribal leaders, nurses, education delegates, agricultural ghurus and who knows what more. They came in force – overloading vehicles as they moved from one area to the next.

Before he could arrive the police force had to set a security perimeter. Roger 10-4 all is safe bring in the big brass!

Wait, wait – not yet – gotto get the TV crew ready first! Testing ….. 3 – 2 -1 Action!

And then our Governor arrived. He recieved a Bible from the mission and an introduction into all our ministries and areas of influence in Mucombeze, Mozambique. A pleasant and wise man that carries a lot of weight on his soldiers. The mission, as it is custom in Mozambique, gave many gifts to our newly allected Governor. He recieved not just a Study Bible but also a bull (yes the one with the 4 legs and 2 horns – with an attitude) and 5 litchie trees (very sought after in Mozambique). A great day with a great man! We all had fun!