It’s eight o’clock sharp. There is a buzz around the school and more than 150 kids are ready to start their new school year. They are dressed in their best clothing – some a little more dirty than others because they had to cross flooding rivers to get to school this year. We heard that a child nearly drowned this morning trying to get to school.

Mozambiquean children don’t need to be motived to come to school – they love it and see it as a great oppurtunity and honour to attend school.

A few words of encouragement from Francois and Joao Benjamin just before the national anthem are being sung.

Our bushschool is 11 years old this year. It was started by Francois and Alta Rauch in 1997. It has seen many changes – from starting under trees, to tents to a grass roof school to what it is today – a beautiful painted building with classrooms and a safe zink roof.

Children recieving their first books for the year. School is free on the mission so parents would not have to worry about educating their kids. In our area there are no or little schools available and thus education is rare. The Education Department in Mozambique sees us as an educational institution and therefore we recieve textbooks for free. We still have huge shortages though.

Stationary is provided by the mission and sponsors like you who makes this possible.

Our parents form an integral part of what we try to achieve with their kids.

Here Francois is explaining to parents their role and partnership with the mission to help their children.

It is also a time to answer many questions and some of those were:

  • Crossing rivers with crocodiles and snakes in it;
  • witchdoctors that snatches children on their way to school;
  • please discipline our children and will you constantly teach them respecting elders, themselves and others.

Mmmmm some problems seem global don’t they ….. I guesse the western world don’t have crocodile invested waters but drugdealers would make up for that. Don’t forget to pray for our children – here and in the Western and Eastern world!

Meet our teachers for this year:
* Paulo Inacio – grade 1 and 5
* Tito Mabuleza – grade 3 and sport
* Joao Feniassi – grade 2 and 4
* Simon Nicolau – pre-school and our
medical assistant
and English teacher